Our history

We have a lot to be proud of!
        More than 45 years in the field of crane production!
                 More than 1800 completed projects!


1972 – the first gantry crane.

The history of crane production dates back to 1972. This was the year when the largest production of gantry cranes in the northwest was organized on the basis of the RemSelMash production facilities in Vologda and the first 9 K6-B gantry cranes were produced.

The K6-B crane had a load capacity of up to 10 tons, a span of up to 25 meters and cantilevers of up to 6.3 meters.

1976 – production of KS-12.5 cranes began.

Production of a new line of KS-12.5 cranes has begun, due to which the load capacity has been increased to 12.5 tons.

1982 – modernization of the KS-12.5 crane - KS-1.5/20 crane was released.

Production of KS-12.5/20 cranes has begun - the load capacity has been increased to 20 tons.

1988 – release of a new crane model - KK gantry crane.

The plant launched production of KK-16/20 cranes with a maximum load capacity of 20 tons.

The main difference - the bridge has a constant load capacity, providing it also over the entire cantilever length. In addition, it became possible to implement a hook turning mechanism controlled from the cab, which allowed to reduce labor costs of sling operators and reduce the risk of injuries at work.

1989 – the 1000th gantry crane was released.

The plant was increasing production volumes every year and in 1989 the 1000th gantry crane was produced; it was assembled in Omsk.

1993 – production of overhead cranes began.

The plant sought to expand the product range and mastered the production of overhead cranes in 1993.

1994 – KK gantry crane with a movable cab.

Production of KK cranes with a mobile cabin has been mastered.

1993 – production of double-girder cranes began.

Customer needs were constantly growing and a new type of gantry crane was developed and produced to meet new challenges – double-girder lattice gantry crane.

This design helped to increase the crane load capacity to 50 tons, while maintaining a high level of reliability and durability of the structure.

The scope of crane application is expanding. Cranes are produced for almost any industry - railway container transshipment, metallurgy, chemical industry, underground tunnel construction, and many others.

2009 – cranes for the Olympic facilities in Sochi.

Special gantry cranes were manufactured and handed over to the customer for the construction of tunnel arches for new roads in Sochi during preparation for the 2014 Olympics.

2016 – launch of the lightweight gantry crane production.

In 2016, we developed a lightweight gantry crane project. Its distinctive feature was the use of a longitudinal I-beam and lightweight supports instead of the lattice structure, which significantly reduced the amount of investments in our customers' projects.

2017 – certification of explosion-proof design, double-girder overhead cranes with a load capacity of up to 30 tons and launch of the inspection trolley project.

This year was marked by three innovations at once:

·      we launched the project of inspection trolleys and roller beams for bridge structures, manufactured and delivered the first batches of products to the customer;

·      we certified double-girder overhead cranes with a load capacity of up to 30 tons;

·      we certified overhead cranes in fire- and explosion-proof designs to be used in the nuclear, oil refining and chemical industries.

2018 – new construction container gantry crane was launched.


Results of our work:

  • number of gantry cranes released – 1,714 units;
  • number of overhead cranes released – 154 units.
  • sales geography:

             from West to East - from Dzerzhinsk (Belarus) to Chita;

             from North to South - from Murmansk to Balkanabat (Uzbekistan).

  • wide range of cranes and equipment:
    • lightweight gantry cranes up to 10 tons;
    • single-girder lattice gantry cranes up to 20 tons;
    • double-girder lattice gantry cranes up to 50 tons;
    • single-girder underrunning and overrunning overhead cranes up to 10 tons, also in fire- and explosion-proof designs;
    • inspection trolleys and roller beams.
  • reliability – our cranes work for decades without requiring significant capital investment in repairs.
We continue to develop!
       We are confident about the future!
               We manufacture reliable equipment!