Gantry cranes

Козловой двухбалочный кран, г. Канск
Козловой двухбалочный кран, грузоподъемность 20 т Монголия
Козловой однобалочный кран, грузоподъемность 10 т Екатеринбург
Козловой двухбалочный кран, г. Красноярск
Козловой однобалочный кран, Светлогорск
Козловые двухбалочные краны
Козловой однобалочный кран

KSM, LLC manufactures single-girder gantry cranes with a hook, suspended magnet or grapple, and double-girder cranes with a hook, spreader or grapple.

KSM, LLC gantry cranes have the following modifications:

  • KK – gantry cranes with a suspended monorail crab moving along the drive beam of the bridge;
  • KKD – gantry cranes with a suspended double-rail crab moving along the guides of the lower bridge booms;
  • KKDL – double-girder plate-girder gantry cranes;
  • KKT – tube-structured gantry cranes with a load lifting trolley (hoist) moving along the monorail;
  • KKL – lightweight gantry cranes with hoist moving along the monorail;
  • KPK – semi-gantry cranes.

KSM, LLC gantry cranes have been used for at least 18 years in accordance with ISO 4301/1.


KK single-girder gantry crane produced by KSM, LLC has a lattice modular structure, which increases torsion resistance, high bending strength and cost-effective energy consumption during crane operation.

Technical characteristics:



KKD double-girder gantry cranes manufactured by KSM, LLC are used for working outdoors and indoors, cranes are equipped with a hook, grapple or spreader (including automatic). Additionally, semi-automatic grips, cable reel and cab air conditioning can be installed.

 Technical characteristics:



KKL lightweight gantry cranes have a lightweight structure with longitudinal I-beam and electric hoist, which significantly reduces the cost.

KKL has restrictions on cantilever length, crane height, load capacity and span length:

Load capacity: 3.2 - 10 tons.

Span: 5 - 16 meters.

Lifting height: 5 - 9.5 meters


Tube-structured gantry cranes produced by KSM, LLC are designed for loading and unloading at construction and open production and storage sites. The main advantages of the tube‑structured model of gantry cranes include:

  • minimum maintenance costs
  • minimum period of staff training
  • longer span and cantilever in comparison with a lightweight gantry crane

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Semi-gantry cranes manufactured by KranStrojMontazh, LLC can be made of plate-girder, tube and lattice structures.

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