About us

KSM, LLC is a machine-building enterprise with a flexible approach to management and market strategy. The key to development of our company is professionals working every step of the way: from the office to the workshop.

Over the half-century history of KranStrojMontazh, LLC, the company has produced more than 1800 gantry cranes, expanded the product line to the manufacture of overhead and jib cranes, increased the load capacity of products from 10 t to 50 t.

We are proud of the quality of our products and long-term relationships with our customers!


Vitaliy Smirnov, Director of KSM, LLC



  1. Development and production of turnkey cranes: from individual design solutions and product manufacturing to delivery, installation, IT support and after-sales service.
  2. KranStrojMontazh, LLC carries out a full production cycle, which reduces the production time and crane cost.
  3. The service life of KSM cranes is 15-25 years due to the use of modern components and introduction of the SmartCrane monitoring system.
  4. Our products are certified in the GosStandart (Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency) system of Russia and have certificates of the Customs Union.
  5. Quality of our design solutions is confirmed by leading organizations working in the field of calculations, such as APM FEM, a resident of the Skolkovo innovation center.
  6. We take into account your individual needs, specifics of production processes and location of the infrastructure.
  7. The SmartCrane monitoring technology developed by us allows you to know everything about your crane, from the location and electricity consumption to the state of the most critical crane assemblies.
  8. Compliance with deadlines and high quality of installation and maintenance processes is implemented by our own service department of qualified mechanics and other specialists.
  9. Our production facility is located in Vologda - 470 km to Moscow and 650 km to Saint Petersburg.
  10. We are a certified domestic manufacturer, which enables our customers to receive subsidies for the purchase of our cranes for further export.